DeKalb County Visitors Bureau

project goals:

The DeKalb County Visitors Bureau wanted to update their collection of images from wineries and museums. Their primary goal was to integrate people into the photos, versus their old collection which showcased the museum exhibits but lacked engagement. We had a blast going around all of DeKalb County to 3 wineries and 4 museums, capturing a large variety of engaging images.

Dcvb Acd Museum 01
Dcvb Acd Museum 02
Dcvb Auto Carriage Museum
Dcvb Byler Lane 01
Dcvb Byler Lane 02
Dcvb Hartland 01
Dcvb Hartland 02
Dcvb Hartland 03
Dcvb Heritage
Dcvb Hoosier Air 01
Dcvb Hoosier Air 02
Dcvb Hoosier Air 03
Dcvb National Military History
Dcvb Natmus 01
Dcvb Natmus 02

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© Copyright 2012 - NJ Productions. All rights reserved.