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With the number of shoppers starting their search online, it is a necessity for your business to be represented on the web. It can be a costly and time consuming endeavor, but here at NJ Productions, we make the process simple and painless. With our small business websites starting as low as $950 + $100/mo, we take care of you now and forever! See our three hosting and maintenance plan choices below.

When we say small business websites, have no fear that this will limit you in any way. See below for what features are included. After your site is built, we help maintain your site, so if you have any changes to make, just send us an email. It's as simple as that! Below are just some of the benefits of a website built and hosted by NJP, as well as a portfolio of some of our favorite projects!

Designed For You

We brainstorm together to build the best site structure to fit your business needs. Within 4 to 6 weeks, you will have a website preview, and from there, we fine tune it to perfection! 100% Custom. 100% You.

Host And Maintain

We will not only cover all hosting & domain fees, but we will make all of the website changes (depending on your plan) you want on the front end each month, no coding knowledge needed! Just email us and consider it done.

Speed and Mobile

No longer optional in the modern age, all our websites are responsive on all devices. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to improve with new web features to speed up your site. This includes a high quality server, versus the traditional "cheap" shared hosting, where your site is extremely slow and on a server with 1,000's of other websites.

Security and Backups

Not only do all of our plans include free SSL / HTTP Security, we constantly monitor your site security and keep both our hosting and website platforms on the latest and most secure versions, reducing your risk to site hacks.In addition, we have daily backups retainedfor 2 weeks, with select backups saved long term.

Custom Forms

Whether you need a simple contact form, a quoting form with room for endless questions, or a way for customers to make payments or donations online to you directly, we can help build your custom forms for all applications!

Media Production

We can also provide our expertise in desing, photography, and video services. Now you don't have to shop around at 10 different vendors just for one website project, let us handle all aspects of your website build for you.


Blogging with Email Blasts

Continually adding content and reaching out to your users is essential for growth. We will develop a 400-600 word blog for you each month, which will in turn also be sent out by email blast to your email subscribers list. We will assist managing your Mailchimp account by importing and cleaning up your provided email lists into your account. We will provide the initial design work necessary for email blasts. This design can be updated up to once per quarter, upon request. Starting at $150/month +$100/mo for each additional blog/email blast


Business Email Accounts

We will assist in setting up Google Workspace. We are a Google Workspace Reseller for business email accounts, which means you will have all the tools that gmail has available for your business email accounts. Google Workspace will provide you with a plethora of business tools, including Google Drive (to create, share, and edit files), Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and the intercommunication tool Google Chat. $10/month per email (plus tax)

Choose from 1 of our 3 Hosting & Maintenance plans

All plans start with a 12 month contract and then continue on a month-to-month basis automatically. Setup fee based on scope of the project; the main factor is the number of pages we develop content for. Advanced Design Changes include design changes, graphic design, and writing services. Response Time for changes are for standard requests. Complex requests may take longer, but an estimate on time will always be provided for complex requests. Web Sections are any single page or list page of the website (an about page, form page, or list section like a blog feature).


How does the website build process work?

The first step of your new website build is to outline what pages you want on your new website (home, about, contact, etc...), as well as what copy (text/verbiage) and graphics/images (logos, team, interior/exterior photos, etc...) to put on those pages. Our standard website build of $950 includes up to 20 initial pages and requires you to provide the pages, copy, and images. However, we have packages that include us developing your page structure, copy, and images if you prefer.

Once this step is completed, we will send over a Contract Agreement and an invoice for the initial 50% of the website build cost. At this stage, we set an estimated launch date and get your site in production! You can typically expect to see a mock up of your site in 4 to 6 weeks. From there, we make any revisions you have in mind and then your site goes live once it’s approved.

Which plan is best for me?

The main considerations between our three plans are (1) How many pages does your website need to have maintained, (2) the speed of completing your requests, as well as (3) the inclusion of Advanced Changes (which covers design changes, graphic design, and writing services). If you have a small website with 10 or less sections, are not typically in a rush to update your website, are comfortable writing your own content and designing graphics, then the Starter Plan is a perfect fit for you. But if you want to simply conceptualize the changes to your website and have us handle the rest, then the Premium or Corporate Plan may be a better fit for you.

What is a web section?
A section of a website includes all individual pages, as well as a pages that have subpages. Examples include your homepage, about page, contact page, or blog. In this case, the blog feature counts as a single 'section', even though it will include potentially dozens of subsections. Other sections might be 'About', which may feature several subpages underneath (such as 'Our History'). In this case, that is also just a single section, assuming the design of all of those subpages are the same and featured on the About page. Most websites will only require 10 to 20 sections.
What are considered Basic Changes?

These types of requests are for simple changes to the site, such as adding/removing images or content, new pages, blog posts, forms, etc... Email us the specifications of your request, and we will work to complete your request as soon as possible.

What are considered Advanced Changes?

NJP is a full service marketing company, and so you can utilize our wide array of services for your website to keep it looking its best. These types of requests are for advanced modifications for your website, such as aesthetic/design changes, graphic design, and writing services.

  • Aesthetic/Design changes include making adjustments to the core layout of the website, such as the width, colors, fonts, and site wide styles.
  • Graphic Design includes designing banners or developing text graphics to display on your website. See our Graphic Design page for bundles on graphic design services external to your website.
  • Writing Services allow you to send the concepts in bullet point form of the content desired, and our in-house writing staff will develop cohesive content for you to approve before placing it on your website.
Can you host our existing website?

We currently utilize Joomla for building websites, and so if your existing website is in Joomla and in the current version, then we can take over hosting and swoop in with our maintenance services. For all other websites, we would need to rebuild your website into the Joomla CMS. Rebuilding a website is a great time to assess what information is out of date and to give your website a face lift.

How do I send site change requests?

All images should be ready to publish as is and as a JPG or PNG file to our WeTransfer. We recommend sending the full resolution image and we will size it down to be best optimized for the web. Under the Bronze Plan, we do not provide any adjustments to the image (such as adding text, cropping, or color adjustment).

All written content should be sent either in a Word Document attachment or directly in an email. The more clearly you articulate your change (specifications such as what page is being edited, placement of images provided, etc), the quicker we can complete your request.

Premium/Corporate Plans can utilize our included Graphic Design and Writing Services allotment for advanced editing of provided images and creation of content based on provided goals/bullet point concepts.

Will changes really take up to 2 weeks for the starter plan?

Short Answer - Not likely. Long Answer - While speed is our specialty and we strive to complete most minor requests within 48 hours, no matter which plan you are on, priority will be placed on the urgency of the request or our availability. Selecting the Premium or Corporate Plans will expedite change requests.

How do I pay for my services?

All invoices are sent digitally on the 15th of the month, covering services for the full following month. Your first invoice will be an exception, as it will cover services from the start date through the full next month and will be sent on the start date. All invoices can be paid with Credit Card or by mailing a check. You can select to use your Credit Card on auto pay, if desired.

How many web pages are included in my website?

Our starting set up fee for a website build is $950, and that includes up to 15 web pages. Additional pages will be quoted in our initial discussions. However, once your website is live, you can continue to add pages with NO limit. You are only limited by how many hours of website changes are included in your plan each month.

Let's start your next project.

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