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Here at NJP we want to do more than just build a strong web presence for your business. We strive to help your business grow on the web as well. With our dedicated content creators, NJP can provide management to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business reviews, Yelp, and LinkedIn!

Packages: Our most popular bundle is our Daily Social Media Package ($200/mo) for daily posts across three of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In. Alternatively, you can pick just two of the three, and the third can be to manage your reviews on Google or Yelp. This package includes Reputation Management and Growth Spurt (described below).

With packages ranging from $100/mo (Intro Social Media Package) to $480/mo (The Ultimate Package - daily posts with add-ons: up to 5 platforms, post review, monthly 2 hour photoshoot, monthly contest, and complete management), we can build the perfect package to meet your needs! Contact us for customized quotes for features such as advanced post review, monthly photoshoots, contests, or complete platform management.

Content is key to a good social media campaign. With two dedicated writers on the NJP Team, you can count on having 100% custom posts for your page! We will meet with you on day one to get a complete understanding of your business's goals with social media and gather ideas on what topics you want posted about. From there, leave the rest to us! We will research and pair custom content and imagery together, to be launched across all your social platforms.

Reputation for a business can make or break you. It is important to stay on top of reviews and comments across your social platforms to be as responsive as possible. We will handle responding to reviews as well as comments on your social platforms so you don't have to! If something requires your direct involvement, we will contact you right away.

Maybe just doing social posting is not enough, maybe you want to grow your fan base! Let us handle your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts and we will work to grow all 3 platforms fan base over time by seeking out new followers and reaching out to those that have engaged with your posts but not yet liked your page. This feature is included on ALL of our plans.

Add-On's Available

Additional Platforms

Expand your reach by targeting more than just 3 social platforms. This is also perfect for if you have multiple locations to manage.

Intro +$25/mo, Daily +$50/mo

Post Review

If you would like to be sent a copy of scheduled posts every Monday for the upcoming set of posts, this add on is perfect for you!

Intro +$25/mo, Daily +$50/mo

Monthly Photoshoots

Nothing is more important than having good quality photographs for your posts. This add-on gives you a monthly photoshoot of two hours, discounted from our normal hourly rate.



We manage the entire process! Just tell us what prize you want to provide, and we handle the rest. We will create an entry page (requires NJP hosting services), promote the contest, and select and contact the winner.

$100/monothly contest or $150/solo contest

Complete Management

Let us keep your platforms up to date, including changing your banner graphics every month, as well as updating and maintaining business hours.

Up to 3 platforms +$50/mo, 4 to 7 platforms +$100/mo


Once signed up, how do we contact you for specific posts we want done or for issues?

All requests can be sent to us by email and we will work as quickly as we can to process your request. We typically recommend 5 to 7 business days to guarantee results. Last minute requests cannot be guaranteed. By default, up to three Authorized Contacts (individuals authorized to send us changes & requests by email). Additional Authorized Contacts can be added for $15/person if necessary.

What if I want to meet every month to discuss our social media plans?

We will meet initially to discuss a plan for your social media, but meetings are not included after we start posting. However, you can schedule video conference calls at any time.

Do I need to design graphics or provide images?

We recommend having images of your business to use on social media, but it is not mandatory. You can add on our photography services to capture new images, or we can use stock images and share articles instead, if desired. In any scenario, each post is hand crafted, and we will design graphics for posts as necessary (such as adding text to an image or collaging images together).

How do I send content and images to use?

Once your service starts, we meet initially to gather a scope to use for posting. From there, you do not need to send us any content or images unless you have something new or specific to promote.
All content can be sent via email directly to us. The content can be in the body of the email or in an attached Word Document.
Small images can be attached to the same email, or you can send larger images to our WeTransfer.

Am I bound down into a long term contract?

No! We simply start with a three month contract, after which service continues in perpetuity on a month-to-month basis until we receive a request via email to cancel services (30 days notice required).

How do I pay for my services?

All invoices are sent digitally on the 15th of the month, covering services for the full following month. Your first invoice will be an exception, as it will cover services from the start date through the full next month and will be sent on the start date. All invoices can be paid with Credit Card or by mailing a check. You can select to use your Credit Card on auto pay, if desired.

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